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Since 1969, Eastern Controls has been the leading manufacturer representative, distributor, and service provider of process measurement and control equipment serving Metro New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. We are headquartered in Edgemont, PA with two other manufacturing/service facilities located in Virginia and Maryland. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of primary process variable measurements and control. Our strong relationship with our manufacturing partners has enabled us to deliver cutting-edge products and technologies which ensure that your process will run safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

From basic instrumentation to control valves, Eastern Controls has you covered with the theory and hands-on experience necessary to get the most out of your systems. We offer a wide variety of courses as well as customized training programs.

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Service Capabilities

Exceptional Service

Our highly-trained and certified service team collectively has over 40 years of comprehensive applications expertise and support experience with the safety, mechanical, and instrumentation processes for every product we represent.

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Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturing Partners

Our manufacturing partners are at the forefront of process control equipment development across a wide variety of industrial sectors and are a key component in our ability to deliver leading-edge products and services to our customers.

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Industry Expertise

Our manufacturing partners develop leading-edge process control equipment for a multitude of industrial sectors. This allows Eastern Controls to address the product and service needs of customers from a wide range of industries (some of which are indicated below). From control valves to instrumentation, you can rely on the expertise of our highly-trained applications team who will ensure that your process needs and expectations aren’t just met, they’re exceeded.

Oil & Gas

We provide leading-edge expertise in the optimal operation and maintenance of the process and control equipment on which refineries rely. We serve as a valued partner helping refineries meet their operational demands while improving efficiency and lowering operating costs.

Power Generation

Operating and maintaining power plants today requires diligent compliance with strict regulatory safety standards. Our expertise and wide range of process solutions ensure that plants are able to deliver power to their customers reliably, safely, and efficiently.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is tasked with the demanding challenge of delivering food to customers that is safe, high-quality, and produced cost-effectively. We provide a complete portfolio of instruments, solutions, and services to help the industry meet these challenges head on.

Life Sciences

Our dedicated team of life science representatives help to engineer optimal solutions for all hygienic processes. From bioreactor skids to desktop pilot plants, we are equipped to fulfill company certification requirements and all sanitary process needs.

Water & Wastewater

The water and wastewater industry faces the combination of tight municipal water treatment budgets and ever-increasing consumer demand. Our water and wastewater industry portfolio delivers solutions that ensure the highest levels of plant safety while keeping costs manageable.


From R&D through production, the chemicals industry requires high levels of precision, safety, and reliability. We deliver engineering and service support throughout the lifecycle of any project and have both the expertise and experience to help address all operational requirements.

Campus Energy

Education and corporate campuses effectively operate as small municipalities with a need for reliable infrastructure that complies with sustainability policies and regulations. Our Campus Energy product portfolio delivers optimal water, air, gas, electricity, and steam solutions.

Primaries & Metals

In the primaries and metals industry, high-precison monitoring and control equipment is essential for emissions standards compliance, energy and materials costs reduction, and existing automation enhancement. We deliver process solutions that address these operational needs.

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