What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has quickly become a trending topic among engineers and technicians alike. A part of a larger concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT), the IIoT is a network of intelligent devices connected to the internet that collect and share data. It’s already begun revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by enabling greater amounts of data to be collected at much faster speeds, improving efficiency and driving smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies.

Which IIoT Solutions does Masoneilan Offer?

Our manufacturing partner, Masoneilan, has integrated over a century of proven valve and process control performance with advanced valve diagnostics and digital innovation to provide Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM). Smart, reliable, and adaptable, the VLM platform provides long lasting solutions enabling customers to proactively determine which valves require maintenance before impacting operations.

VLM increases process plant efficiency and minimizes downtime by optimizing the 3 phases in every plant life cycle:

  • Plant Design/Startup
  • Operations/Maintenance Optimization
  • Turnaround Management

ValvKeep Asset Management

The ValvKeep tool is an intuitive, easy-to-use asset management software program that records the life events of your valves, providing accurate status reports on valve health, future maintenance planning, and other resource-maximizing functions.

Valve Aware Service

Valve Aware is a control valve health monitoring service to provide insight into the health of all pneumatic control valves within a facility. This is made possible through the utilization of complete maintenance records and the monitoring of control valve performance during regular process operations.

Valve Aware enhances plant integrity, efficiency, and uptime – reducing operating expenses and increasing plant profitability.

ValVue™ Software

Masoneilan’s ValVue™ software provides high performance digital process control and safety, providing smooth set-up and ongoing asset management.

Digital Valve Positioners

In addition to the numerous software programs mentioned above, Masoneilan also offers a portfolio of digital valve positioners. These positioners provide continuous, offline, and online diagnostics for online control valve monitoring, high-end component health, and predictive valve maintenance.

Customer Success Story

A local refinery was experiencing increased downtime due to a growing number of valves requiring maintenance. To combat this problem, our customer employed Masoneilan’s Valve Aware technology to ensure future downtime was minimized.

Thanks to Valve Aware’s advanced diagnostics solution, our customer has been able to receive data on every valve within their process – no matter who manufactured them – saving them time and money from unnecessary shutdowns!

To learn more about how Masoneilan’s IIoT solutions can improve your overall process systems, visit their new website here!

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Manufacturer: BHGE Masoneilan
Device: IIoT Solutions – BHGE Masoneilan

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