Breakthrough: Neural Network Intelligence for Improved False Alarm Immunity

Until recently, the state-of-the-art optical flame detection was based on multi-spectral detection integrated with an expert signal processing system. The development of Neural Network Technology (NNT) for multi-spectral optical flame detectors by General Monitors takes optical flame detection capabilities to the next level!

NNT is based on artificial neural networks (ANN), mathematical models of biological neurons in the human brain, which establish a connection between given signal patterns and target conditions. The neural network is an adaptive decision mechanism with plenty of optimization capabilities when combined with a multi-spectral optical sensor and implemented in software.

Regarding flame detection systems, ANN can classify information from optical sensors to enhance flame detection capabilities by increasing flame detection range, field of view and false alarm immunity in a variety of hazardous environments. This enables plant managers, engineers, and technicians to reduce operating costs.

So Which Products Incorporate This Advanced Technology?

MSA’s FL4000H Intelligent Multi-Spectral IR Flame Detection System incorporates neural network technology, offering process and plant engineers the best new tool in protecting people, equipment and facilities from dangerous flame sources.

The range of potential flammable applications continues to grow as materials and processes become more complex. Some of the most common ignition sources include:

·         Alcohols ·         Kerosene ·         LNG/LPG
·         Chemicals ·         Jet Fuels ·         Paper/Wood
·         Diesel ·         Hydrogen ·         Textiles
·         Gasoline ·         n-Heptane ·         Solvents

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Read more in-depth about neural network technology and the various forms of flame detection in General Monitors’ whitepaper here!

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