Challenges in the Industry

Engineers and maintenance personnel in the oil and gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries, have needed to monitor and reduce fugitive emissions for their plants to remain compliant with environmental agencies, like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and to avoid major fines, or worse.  See the EPA’s Leak Detection and Repair Compliance Assistance Guidance Best Practices Guide for more information.

For control valves in the industry, to meet emission requirements, a valve manufacturer must pay close attention to 1) gasket joint; its material, thickness, surface roughness and serration, and 2) to ensure appropriate torque forces are applied on the bolts.

Reducing emissions through a control valve means it is important to understand potential sources of leakage and ensure appropriate design and assembly procedures to minimize leakage potential through these outlets.

  • Pipeline flange gasket joint
  • Stem-seal packing interface
  • Body-bonnet gasket joint

The design of the Masoneilan Camflex, and newest Camflex GR, a rotary control valve is the integrated body and bonnet, eliminating a possible leak path as a total emissions source. A key advantage of rotary control valves in managing fugitive emissions is the rotating motion of the valve stem, as the valve opens and closes. The stem stays within the stem seal or packing area, without being exposed to the environment, effectively reducing fugitive emissions and the introduction of foreign particles while delivering greater reliability and operating efficiency.

The Solution

Baker Hughes has pledged environmental governance by reducing CO2 equivalent emissions by 50% by 2030. Masoneilan, a Baker Hughes company, released two types of Low-E packing which exceed the EPA’s definition of low emissions packing:

“A valve packing product, independent of any specific valve, that has been tested by the manufacturer or a qualified testing firm pursuant to generally-accepted good engineering practices for testing fugitive emissions, and that, during the test, at no time leaked at greater than 500 ppm, and on average, leaked at less than 100 ppm.”

The Low-E Series has been third-party verified for compliance to the EPA’s Certified Low-Leak Technology (CLLT) standards. When used with the Camflex GR valve, the leak rate for the Low-E series is only 1 ppm, which is lower than for any competitive products.

Key Components of the Camflex GR

Existing Masoneilan control valves within your facility or pipeline can be upgraded to the Low-E packing using a field retrofit kit. If you are installing new valves or replacing outdated ones, Camflex GR should be your first consideration.

We have written previously about the Camflex GR. Here, we will discuss in more detail the design features that elevate this valve above all others.

Universal Design

The Masoneilan Camflex GR design is highly adaptable, handling roughly 80% of applications in any given plant. It combines the advantages of the eccentric rotating plug and the best features of a reciprocating globe-style control valve.

Reliable Tight Shut-Off

The eccentric rotating plug design eliminates seat ring friction due to the plug center being offset from the shaft axis. The only contact between plug and seat is at the moment of seating, resulting in no rapid seat wear.

Multiple Possible Installation Positions

The Camflex GR is about 1/3 to ½ the size, and about half the weight, of a typical reciprocating globe valve and suitable for a variety of piping requirements. The actuator can be mounted in several orientations and the valve itself can be rotated and reoriented in the field.

Streamlined Maintenance & Ownership

With Camflex GR eliminating gaskets, the straight-through flow pattern helps prevent distortion, erosion, and sediment collection, which are largely the reasons other control valves require maintenance.

The Camflex GR has one plug for each valve size, no matter the Cv and the same actuator for multiple line sizes and air fail modes providing a lower cost of ownership and fewer spare parts needed. The process to replace the packing is also simplified, just disengage the safety pin and extract the shaft to remove the packing.

Partner with Eastern Controls for Your Valve Needs

Eastern Controls is a verified Masoneilan Channel partner and a Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC). We hold an extensive inventory of Masoneilan valves assemblies, spare parts, and valve positioners as part of the Masoneilan ValvFast program.  This enables Eastern Controls representatives to quote, assemble, and ship a complete valve assembly for emergency replacement or standard MRO in less than 24-hours, in most cases.

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