It’s bound to happen. Your plant’s equipment will age, and it will need more and more attention to continue to operate to your production standards. As equipment ages and new technologies and products emerge on the market, it becomes difficult to support outdated or obsolete equipment. So what do you do when your plant equipment becomes more of a hindrance than a help?

An industrial end-user found themselves in this exact position; they had a handful of manual control valves that had become too difficult to support with replacement and spare parts and services. Ultimately, the end-user decided to replace six of their manual globe control valves. There are plenty of valve suppliers and manufacturers but the end-user decided to replace the valves with the Masoneilan Camflex GR and work with the experts at Eastern Controls to supply them.

Six Reasons the End-User Chose the Camflex GR & Eastern Controls

  1. Masoneilan’s Camflex GR was designed to have the exact face-to-face footprint as a reciprocating globe valve. This allows the customer to simply drop-in the replacement valve without making line modifications for the inputs or outputs.
  2. The Camflex GR has 50% fewer potential leak paths than a reciprocating globe valve which meant the end-user would have one (1) fewer leak path when comparing it to their old valve.
  3. The Camflex GR comes STANDARD with low emission (Low-E) packing with O-Ring seals. This meant there was no worry about the potential for extra costs for the end-user.
  4. Masoneilan’s Camflex GR comes with a handwheel actuator option to allow for manual throttling. This mimicked the customer’s existing valve so there was no new operating procedures or training requirement.
  5. Eastern Controls could supply the Camflex GR with solid stellite valve trim which was much heavier duty than the trim in the existing valves. This will ultimately extend the life of the valve and its parts, increasing uptime and throughput.
  6. As a Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC) channel partner, Eastern Controls has a multi-million dollar Masoneilan ValvFast Inventory and this allowed our production team to build and ship six (6) two-inch Stainless Steel 600# ANSI RFF Camflex GR valves with manual handwheel actuator option, in under six weeks!

If you find yourself replacing parts on your valves more often than you think you should or calibrating your instrumentation on a more frequent schedule, maybe it’s time to reevaluate that piece of equipment. We know that you cannot always plan for equipment going obsolete or being unsupported but there are ways to prepare. The best ways to stay on top of the health of your process equipment is a consistent maintenance schedule and most of all, establishing a predictive maintenance routine.

Eastern Controls has the expertise, resources, and proven track record to help you plan and optimize for your plant and your process. If you have a need or want to explore options with our team of experts, contact us here or give us a call at 610-325-4600.

Since the original Camflex was introduced in 1968, it’s reliability is proven worldwide in over one million installed units. Masoneilan’s Camflex GR or “Globe Replacement” model makes operation and maintenance even easier. Learn more about the Camflex GR in this short video: