May 2019  |  Vol. 5

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  • PSS Course Feature
  • Measuring Level of Bulk Solids
  • The Future of Industry 4.0
  • ECI 50th Anniversary Special: Part 3
  • ISPE Symposium & Exhibition

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In this month’s issue of “5 Things You Need to Know” we dive into a few courses taking place at this year’s Process Solutions Summit, as well as a discussion on which level technology is the best for measuring bulk solids. We also cover an interesting opinion piece on future technologies and their place within our industry, the final part of “Early Days of ECI”, and ISPE’s Delaware Valley Chapter’s upcoming Symposium and Exhibition!

PSS Course Feature

Get a glimpse into a couple of our featured courses below!

C005 – Best & Worst of Flare Gas

Flare measurement is one of the most challenging types of gas flow measurement in the industry. With increased scrutiny from environmental regulators and operational emphasis on plant balance and leak detection, accurate flare measurement has become more critical for facilities.

Join Tom Pugliese of Fluenta as he outlines the unique challenges associated with flare gas measurement and the best practices for measurement technologies, as well as the design of these systems.

C013 – Industrial Frontiers in Process Raman Spectroscopy

This course, taught by Jeremy Linoski of Kaiser Optical, will present customer examples highlighting the use of Raman spectroscopy to measure, understand and control manufacturing processes.

In one example, Linoski will showcase how a hybrid sampling approach improves understanding

during polymerization of a spatially heterogeneous material.

C032 – Optical Flame Detection Solutions & Demonstration

This course, taught by Dave Opheim of MSA, will provide you with a summary of Fixed Industrial Fire & Gas System functionality, importance of applicable codes & standards, flame sensing technologies and their proper application, and best practices for optimal onsite protection.

C033 – New Frontiers in the Process Raman Spectroscopy for Life Sciences

There are a myriad of benefits with in situ Kaiser Raman for bioprocess monitoring. Join Jeremy Linoski for examples where a Raman-derived process control strategy increased process understanding, reduced process deviations and increased product quality.

To view our full list of courses, visit our PSS site here!

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Measuring Level of Bulk Solids

Running a food or beverage plant requires accurate and reliable level measurement of products stored in silos. This section discusses the different level technologies and which is the best fit.

There are a few different kinds of technologies available to measure the level of bulk solids in storage silos. Guided wave radar (GWR), ultrasonic and pulse radar are time-of-flight (TOF) technologies used to detect level by measuring the time it takes for a microwave or ultrasonic signal to be sent, reflect from the surface of the material being measured, and return to the instrument.

A GWR has a guide rod or cable that the radar signal travels down, allowing for greater efficiency and less interaction with intrusions or dust. GWR is more efficient than a radar signal when comparing signal transmission with installation concerns.

Ultrasonic sensors send a sonic pulse to the surface of solids in a silo, while measuring the TOF for the reflected signal to determine level. These sensors can be installed in tight places due to the relatively small size of the sensor

and the option of mounting a sensor directly to the roof of a silo.

In pulse radar, the transmitter sends a microwave pulse. When the microwave energy reaches the material being measured, there is a change of impendence that causes the energy to be reflected. Pulse is best suited for lower frequencies due to the resolution of the signal.

Radar level transmitters have been greatly improved thanks to multi-echo tracking and advanced diagnostic features. Multi-echo tracking identifies the different signatures of returned signals, detects false levels compared to validated levels, and ignores false signals.

Regardless of the radar technology, care must be taken when making a selection and specifying features. Click here to read the full white paper by Endress+Hauser!

Find out which level technology is best for your process!

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The Future of Industry 4.0

Future technologies are quickly becoming a present reality across many industry. Learn more below!

Future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing offer immense opportunities for the discrete and process industries because they enhance new business models and productivity potential. From machines autonomously detecting when they need spare parts to production systems that run their own quality control during operation, reducing inspection outlays, these future technologies ensure industrial companies remain competitive.

Data is the foundation for future technologies and, luckily, are becoming more available thanks to the digital transformation of industry.

AI isn’t especially new, but it’s definitely made a lot of progress. So much so that computing power has increased exponentially; algorithms are much better; hardware in factory halls performs better; and data transfer has advanced tremendously. This all means that the rising volume of available data can be collected and

analyzed much faster and more comprehensively than before.

To continue to enhance future technology, new paths in research and development need to be forged.

Read the full opinion piece by Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Managing Board at Siemens, here!

Maintain your competitive edge by investing in future technologies.

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The Early Days of ECI – Part 3

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, let’s take a look at the next part in the Early Days of ECI!

As you may already know, this year is Eastern Controls’ 50th Anniversary! In celebration, we wanted to share some notable parts of our history with you throughout the year. In the third and final part of “The Early Days of ECI”, we’ll discuss the most recent events since the turn of the millennium!

The turn of the century brought many new opportunities for ECI. From new manufacturing partners, to facility upgrades, to unprecedented expansion, the 2000s have proven to be the most transformative time period in ECI’s history so far!

It all started in 2001 when ECI began a partnership with PBM Valves, Inc. providing solutions and support for their line of ball valves.

In 2008, we updated our two MARC (Masoneilan Authorized Repair Control Centers) and ValvFast facilities to maintain our status as one of the largest ValvFast Control Valve manufacturing centers in the United States. Shortly afterward, Masoneilan

expanded our territory throughout Virginia, allowing us to provide control valve solutions to customers in Virginia!

Arguably the biggest event in ECI’s history happened in 2015 when we partnered with Endress+Hauser, a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering. This new partnership brought a plethora of new opportunities for Eastern Controls – namely, the PTU (Process Training Unit). The installation of the PTU enabled us to enhance and expand educational/training opportunities for customers and employees.

In honor of the PTU, ECI introduced our biggest customer event ever in 2016 – the Process Solutions Summit. The PSS offers educational courses and hands-on training to all attendees from the Mid-Atlantic region!

We hope you enjoyed diving a bit more into our history. Be on the lookout for more content celebrating our 50th anniversary!

Check out the final part of our 3-part dive into ECI’s history!

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ISPE Symposium & Exhibition

Check out this upcoming trade show opportunity for local Pharmaceutical professionals!

ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) Delaware Valley Chapter is hosting their 29th annual Exhibition and Symposium on May 16th. Located at the home of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Lincoln Financial Field, ISPE’s Exhibition and Symposium continues to grow year after year.

The main goal of the event is to add value for ISPE members and event attendees in the form of educational opportunities, a career fair, an academic pathway to the society and plenty of networking opportunities.

The event includes:

– An Exhibition Hall, free to attend

– A Career Fair

– Exhibition Demonstration Stage

– Networking Party

– Free Stadium Tours

The Keynote Speaker is Federico Mingozzi, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Spark Therapeutics. Mingozzi brings two decades of experience in gene therapy, immunology, biochemistry and

molecular biology in both industry and academic settings.

For more information and to check the event schedule, visit ISPE’s event page here!

Network with other Pharmaceutical professionals.

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