November 2019 | Vol. 11

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  • REXA & Rotating Equipment
  • Valves in Tank Farms
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • ECI Training in November
  • October Event Wrap-Up

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In this month’s issue of “5 Things You Need to Know” we take a look at REXA’s solution to problem areas in your plant and the range of valves used in tank farms! We also discuss operations and maintenance tactics through the end of the year. Finally, we discuss the ECI Training opportunities for November and give you a wrap-up of the events we hosted in October!

REXA & Rotating Equipment

Many factors influence the decision to repair or replace a valve but some factors may take precedence over others.

REXA has been the leader in Electraulic Actuation™ methods over the years. In fact, they invented the method!

Their latest target is helping those with rotating equipment who are experiencing nuisance trips, large RPM swings, and hydraulic oil contamination by delivering a complete solution and not just a new actuator.

REXA’s Rotating Equipment Total Performance Solution includes: scope of evaluation and supply and commissioning support. The scope of evaluation and supply phase encompasses an evaluation of the existing system and site to gather technical information and measurements. From here sizing and mounting design and fabrication are taken into account. With this information They’re able to provide a fully engineered retrofit/upgrade solution to suit your needs.

The commissioning support you receive in this program includes: on-site TAR supervision and support, mechanical and electrical

integration and calibration, and on-site REXA product training.

Typical applications where REXA has seen success in actuation upgrades are in steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors. Think control valves, fuel valves, water injection, inlet guide vanes, recycle valves, and anti-surge valves (only to name a few!).

It’s critical that the correct, high performing control strategy is implemented because it has a direct impact on the process control and profitability of the plant. Visit REXA at POWERGEN International 2019 in New Orleans to get a closer look at their solutions OR contact Eastern Controls and we can arrange an on-site demo with their mobile trailer!

REXA Electraulic® solutions for rotating equipment are unmatched

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Valves in Tank Farms

Eastern Controls’ arsenal of products and services takes the guesswork out of managing tanks and tank farms.

Tank farms are home to extremely large networks of pipe and valves that controls the flow of a range of material and powers much of our economy. These tanks are storing extra material not yet needed at a refinery, awaiting pipeline, rail or marine transport to a final destination, and sometimes stored until needed by the pipeline operator to eventual end user.

Valves are specified to the exact function they are required to perform, including the operating pressure and service conditions they must function under.Another requirement, of nearly all hydrocarbon service valves inside a terminal must be fire-safe.

Being fire-safe is only applied to the valve after it’s original design has undergone special test protocol which mimics a fire situation (extreme heat to rapid cooling). A tested valve should still able to retain some closure capability after being exposed to extreme these extreme conditions. Metal seated ball valves fall under the fire-safe as do metal-to-metal seated valves (i.e. gate and globe valves).

Because most tank farms and terminals are storing hydrocarbon-based liquids, API standards should be followed in the design, ultimately deferred to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) piping design standard, Process Piping.

To read more about specific valves that are used in tank farms, and why, click here to read the full article in Valve Magazine.

Tank farms are home to large networks of pipe and valves

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Operations & Maintenance

Understanding your plant’s equipment at all times if important not just when planning for a shutdown.

With asset management, those who work in refineries or petrochemical complexes need to pay more attention to control valves. As an integral part of plant operations, control valves are critical to ensure proper, continuous, and efficient plant operations.

Since control valve data is driven by process data, the chosen solution determines the ramp up rate and performance of the plant.

Replacing failed parts that are critical to control valves is expensive, but not nearly as pricey as the total cost of lost production encountered during downtime to replace these parts.

Knowing the control valves’ wellbeing in real time along with being able to predict impending failure is important. Having this capability enables you to preemptively address primary unexpected emergency downtime that could potentially cause

catastrophic accidents. This information allows you to optimize scheduled shutdown for equipment repair and reconstruction.

Since the shutdown is planned, overall loss can be minimized, allowing adequate time for accurate budget planning and prioritization of spare parts pre-purchased according to the criticality of control valves.

While the best fit control valve design solution is vital to allow successful unit operation, a prognostic control valve health-monitoring system will allow preemptive actions, preventing major problems down the road!

Click here to read Masoneilan’s full case study and keep these point in this article in mind when planning your next shutdown or allocating funds for maintenance purposes, you won’t regret it!

Understand the health of your valves for smarter planning!

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ECI Training in November

Despite the busy holiday season that’s approaching, we have to remember to take the time to refine our skills!

While we still have two months left in the year, these next two months will come and go in the blink of an eye. We’re busy with family and work but it’s also a good time to take a step back and learn something new or refine existing skills.

We’re offering three different courses this month, read on to learn more. Our 101 schools are a great extension of our popular instrumentation courses, ideal if you work with certain applications more often!

Level School 101

  • Work with various level instrumentation technologies for a variety of applications;Set up and commission level instruments from point level switches to radar gauges;
  • Use on-board and PC based tools to verify the health of the instrument and its signals; and
  • Diagnose and correct problems with capacitance, ultrasonic, D/P and radar level systems

Flow School 101:

  • Recognize a broad variety of flow technologies and understand the strengths and limitations of each;
  • Set up and commission flow instruments from differential pressure transmitters to Coriolis flow meters

Intermediate Instrumentation

A review and further understanding of advanced level technologies and capabilities!

To register or view the full course offering, click HERE!

November is the perfect time to cozy up with a training manual and hone your skills!

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October Event Wrap-Up

Eastern Controls hosted two very successful events in October, here’s a little bit more about them!

Having a Process Training Unit (PTU®) in our Edgemont HQ is a very good training resource! However, sometimes it can be difficult to get out of work for a training, let alone drive a fair distance to get there. The goal of having remote training and seminars is to help make Eastern Controls more accessible to you! So for our first October event we hosted a day of educational and hands-on sessions for our customer base in the Richmond-Washington D.C. area.

This event, on October 3rd, was hosted in our Ashland, Virginia location and ranged in topics from self-cleaning and industrial ball valves to polyethylene storage tanks. Our event attendees were just as diverse ranging from experienced power plant personnel to government employees to chemical engineers. Everyone left our site with insight into industry trends and best practices every session was followed-up with solid Q&A!

We had our second event the

very next week, with again, a large, diverse turnout of attendees!

This event marked the 40th year of the event which originally started with the P.R. Walker company based in the greater Baltimore region. Since the Walker company merged with Eastern Controls the event has evolved over the year’s while still keeping some of the original charm.

The content presented at this event was very instrumentation focused this year, specifically around level measurement technologies/methods as well as the Industrial Internet of Things and how it relates to, enhances, and impacts the world of instrumentation.

We followed up the event with a customer appreciation networking happy hour. Many of the customers in attendance have been loyal customers for many, many years!

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