Each member of the Eastern Controls Service Group is a certified and highly-trained expert. Collectively, our team delivers to our customers over four decades of comprehensive applications expertise and support experience with the safety, mechanical, and instrumentation processes of every product we represent.

Comprehensive Service Capabilities

Mechanical, Instrumentation & Safety Services

  • Diagnostic, repair and calibration services
  • Critical/Severe Service
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Recurring Calibrations
  • Emergency Calibrations
  • Replacement Parts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warehousing & Logistics
  • Pneumatic & Electronic Actuation and Instrumentation
  • Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Outage/Plant Shutdown Services
  • 24/7 Emergency Services

Advanced Valve & Instrument Diagnostics

Eastern Controls service technicians utilize some of the most advanced diagnostic and calibration tools available on the market to ensure your valves and instrumentation are running at optimum efficiency. One such tool in our diagnostics toolkit is the Dresser® Masoneilan® ValScope®-PRO which is used for testing and validating the health of control valves with either conventional or digital positioners. Another resource at our disposal is a mobile calibration trailer which allows us to calibrate various instrumentation without the requirement to take it out of line. Our entire, advanced service toolkit allows us to comprehensively service all our customer process needs and, in particular:

  • Identify specific problems with valves in operation before they happen;
  • Improve the accuracy of maintenance schedules;
  • Help increase operational efficiency across the board; and
  • Help increase yield while decreasing waste.

Our advanced diagnostic capabilities can help alert you to pre-order replacement parts in advance of realized problems and thus only remove valves from service when absolutely necessary.

Shutdowns Made Simple

Eastern Controls’ wide range of calibration support – covering instrumentation, gas detection, and positioner upgrades – allows us to deliver industry-leading preventative maintenance services to minimize potential process disruption risks and limit overall shutdown time.

The Eastern Controls Service Group takes ownership of each plant shutdown via our full life-cycle troubleshooting procedure which involves the following phases:

Together with your technical staff, our service coordinators conduct a full plant and equipment inspection to determine the scope of your shutdown requirements.

Our service coordinators work in tandem with your team to plan a shutdown schedule that addresses the requirements determined during the plant and equipment inspection phase. The shutdown schedule provides our service team specific direction to appropriately manage the timing of each phase of your plant shutdown.

Once a shutdown is underway, our technicians work diligently to ensure that the shutdown schedule is met and that any encountered variances from the expected shutdown blueprint are mitigated in short order. Our overriding objective is to ensure that the shutdown procedure has the absolute minimum disruptive impact on your process operation.

Our service coordinators execute the process restart plan, diligently monitoring all equipment and outputs to ensure that your process returns to normal, smooth operation. Our team has the expertise and experience to address any potential issue that may unexpectedly arise.

Within two weeks following our shutdown operation, service coordinators will follow-up with your team to verify that all work performed remains robust and your process continues to run smoothly and efficiently. This signifies the final step in the Eastern Controls shutdown life-cycle procedure. The life-cycle begins again when we commence planning for the next maintenance closure.

24/7 Support

Our skilled emergency support technicians are on-call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to address any customer emergency service or shutdown situation.

Support (24/7): 866-566-9820

Service Facility Locations

Edgemont, PA
Serving Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware

3866 Providence Road
Edgemont, PA 19028

Ashland, VA
Serving Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

10437 Leadbetter Road
Ashland, VA 23005

Authorized Service Center

Eastern Controls is a Masoneilan Authorized Repair Center (MARC) as well as an authorized service provider and repair center for Endress+Hauser, MSA, REXA, and AUMA.

We are an authorized service provider and repair center for Endress+Hauser, MARC, MSA, Rexa, and Auma