Design Assist Services

Design, engineering, and construction projects require extensive coordination and collaboration in every project phase. Eastern Controls can be your partner in consolidating efforts and reaching completion on time and on budget.

Design Assist Capabilities

In the manufacturing of consumer-packaged goods, energy, medications, and beyond, innovation is always at the forefront of our industry. Developing the latest technologies will continuously require capital investments and projects. These are high-value initiatives that require collaboration across teams and organizations and impact the success of each phase of the project and the completion date. 

In projects where process control and measurement equipment are involved, using a Design Assist service can help enhance the project’s design feasibility and functionality, cost-efficiency, and procurement. Design Assist allows for suppliers, engineers, and end-users to foster multidisciplinary collaboration that integrates process control and measurement expertise from the outset. 

Early Involvement

There can often be many teams involved in various phases of a project so by engaging a Design Assist partner early to help bridge the gap between end-user process needs and the engineering firm(s), the project can kick off with comprehensive scope considering all stakeholders.  

Value Engineering

A Design Assist partner can suggest optimal design solutions and/or equipment recommendations based on process conditions and materials. This will ensure that the proper equipment can be considered in the early budgeting stages and for design consideration. This may improve efficiency, reduce costs, or enhance constructability without compromising the project’s objectives. 

Risk Mitigation

By involving the Design Assist team early on, potential construction challenges or risks can be identified and addressed in the design phase, reducing the likelihood of costly changes or delays during construction. 

Collaborative Decision-Making

Design assist encourages collaboration and understanding between the engineering and end-user process teams, fostering a more integrated approach to project delivery. This can lead to better coordination and communication throughout the project lifecycle. 

Whether you are an engineering team or project manager looking to kick off a project or need help getting a handle on the scope of an existing project, reach out to Eastern Controls. 

Let Eastern Controls help drive your project to completion in the right way!