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The addition of this modular, high-precision calibration system allows Eastern Controls the to expand their calibration capabilities to both laboratory and on-site services.

Enhanced Flow Calibration Services for the Mid-Atlantic

Calibration ensures the accuracy and reliability of measurement instrumentation which helps reduce overall business costs and help comply with quality and safety standards. Eastern Controls, Inc. is the Mid-Atlantic’s most trusted calibration and metrology resource with its in-depth application knowledge and factory-trained and certified operators and technicians.

Eastern Controls has been offering on-site, accredited calibration capabilities for a number of years and is now able to offer the Mid-Atlantic region fully traceable laboratory calibration capabilities for any brand of flowmeters. This is made possible with a complete Endress+Hauser engineered calibration system assembled at the Eastern Controls, Inc. Edgemont, PA location. Each calibration performed on rig are fully traceable from Systems International through NIST and is in accordance with ISO 17025.

Utilizing the most accurate calibration system on the East Coast you can take advantage of faster turnaround times on calibrated flowmeters, regardless of brand. These services are ideally suited to handle larger meters that are unable to be calibrated on-site and/or if you need a larger turnaround scope in a shorter period of time.

  • Fully traceable to Systems International through NIST
  • Supports flowmeter line sizes from 1/4″ to 4″
  • Flow rate capacity of 110 lb/hr up to 286,600 lb/hr
  • Standard calibration medium: Water
  • Overall calibration uncertainty of + 0.08% (mass flowmeters) and +0.15% (volumetric flowmeters)

Eastern Controls utilizes a mobile Endress+Hauser calibration rig that can be driven on-site to focus on meeting the special needs of a plant. This flow rig can accommodate any manufacturer’s brand of flow, temperature, and pressure instrumentation.

  • A2LA accredited field calibration services
  • In accordance with ISO 17025
  • NIST traceable standards
  • Line size capabilities up to 2″ (on rig) and 3″ (in-line)
  • Overall calibration uncertainty of +0.12% (mass flowmeters) and +0.17% (volumetric flowmeter)

Eastern Controls is poised to offer a White Glove service experience for critical meters with a 24-hour turnaround expectancy. These services can include a pick-up and drop-off service via courier, or a dedicated Eastern Controls representative, ensuring secure packaging and a single chain of custody. This will aim at reducing the risk of a device being lost or damaged in transport, and that you receive the correct calibrated meter every time.

This is a highly specialized service offering and must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For more information please reach out to ECI’s VP of Service, Kyle Dougherty, at kyle.dougherty@easterncontrols.com or 484-905-2115.

Faster Flow Calibrations

With access to this on-premise Laboratory Flow Calibration System, we can offer faster turnaround times on instrument calibrations when on-site service is not sufficient or when lab accuracy is relied upon. Working with Eastern Controls, as your local entity, flow calibrations will require less time, not shipping to distant facilities, and also save you money.

Broad Turnaround Scope

This fixed system enables the Eastern Controls Services team the flexibility, and potential, to calibrate larger flowmeters that are unable to be calibrated on-site or with the mobile calibration unit. Not only are we able to accommodate larger meters, but we can also widen the potential scope for turnaround projects when combining on-site and laboratory calibrations, in a much shorter time.

You can read the official press release for the unveiling of Eastern Controls’ Flow Calibration Center here.

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