EDGEMONT, PA – In order to run an efficient business, an outstanding accounting team is a necessity. To describe Eastern Controls’ (ECI) accounting department as “outstanding”, though, is an understatement.

Eastern Controls’ Accounting department is comprised of five talented, hard-working individuals: Dave DiNunzio, Jill Colonna, Linda O’Hara, Elaine Hogan, and Judith Alleva.

Dave DiNunzio’s title is Controller, and he is the head of the Accounting department. An effective department starts with a good leader, and Dave is one of the best. He leads by example through his impeccable Four Pillars of Financial Managing system. Dave is consistently looking for new ways to help grow and challenge his team, and in turn, has seen such an impressive work ethic from his team members. In fact, within the last three months alone, three members of our Accounting team have received promotions.

In April, because Jill Colonna’s position within ECI “evolved” in support of our ongoing business needs, she was promoted to Business Support Specialist. Her phenomenal amount of contribution to the needs of ECI and her high level of attention to detail made her the perfect candidate for an increased business support role.

Linda O’Hara was also recently promoted, since her duties in Accounting have increased over the years far beyond Accounts Receivable. Effective August 8th, Linda will be joining our Human Resources department as the Administrative Analyst. She will be in charge of all payroll and employee benefit matters, as well as assisting with compliance, auditing, and other statistical data.

Lastly, Elaine Hogan has been promoted to Accounts Payable Analyst. Throughout Elaine’s time at ECI, her work ethic, accuracy, and interpersonal skills have strengthened even further than before. She is the perfect candidate, having a solid background within Accounts Payable.

Due to Linda’s promotion, ECI is looking for a new Accounts Receivable Analyst. If interested, please contact VP of Human Resources, Andrea Mower, by email at andrea.mower@easterncontrols.com, or by phone at 610-325-4600.

About Eastern Controls:

Since 1969, Eastern Controls has been the Mid-Atlantic’s premier manufacturers’ representative, distributor, and service provider of process measurement and control equipment. Our expertise covers all primary process variable measurements including flow, pressure, level, temperature and liquid analytical as well as gas detection, control valve, and isolation valve applications.


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