News Release
July 18, 2016
EDGEMONT, PA – On Wednesday, July 13th Eastern Controls, Inc. (ECI) provided an insightful
presentation called Generations in the Workplace. The presentation, conducted by our very own VP of
Human Resources, Andrea Mower, featured information on every generation from Traditionalists to
Generation Z.
Its purpose was to bring all ECI employees together to recognize and understand the similarities and
differences between generations in an effort to narrow the
generational gap.
The start of the presentation went back to the basics in
explaining what exactly a generation is. It then proceeded to
delve into the five generations within ECI (Traditionalists,
Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z).
Along with the presentation, ECI employees were asked to
provide the most prominent people and events which helped
shape their generation.
The conclusion of the presentation consisted of each
represented generation collaborating within their respective
groups on how they felt they should be treated and how
others should be treated within the workplace. This resulted
in a fascinating discussion highlighting many similarities each
generation had on certain values they believed are essential
for proper workplace etiquette.
Overall, Generations in the Workplace provided a great
platform for ECI employees to come together for a fun
activity while learning something new.
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