EDGEMONT, PA – Eastern Controls, Inc. has acquired a brand new Principal: Pentair. Pentair, founded in 1966, is focused on helping partners and their customers meet increasingly competitive marketplace conditions with their advanced products, technologies, and services.

Pentair reports the performance of its business within four segments: flow and filtration solutions, water quality systems, technical solutions, and valves & controls. With the world’s population and middle class steadily growing, this profound shift in demographics puts a great deal of stress on our water, food, and energy supplies. Our changing world requires new and bold thinking in an effort to meet the needs of a population that is demanding more energy, water, and food.

To meet these increasingly challenging needs, Pentair provides solutions including advanced filtration & desalination, aquaculture systems, valves & controls, communications and electronics protection, food & beverage processing, floodwater and wastewater systems, industrial heat tracing, oil & gas separation systems, and more.

Pentair products will be offered throughout ECI’s entire territory including Eastern Pennsylvania, Metro New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

ECI is ecstatic to be working with Pentair to help address some of the world’s toughest challenges by serving a wide variety of customers throughout our territory.

For more information on the types of products and solutions Pentair offers, please visit their webpage at http://pentair.com/. If interested in purchasing a Pentair product, please contact our Sales team via email at sales@easterncontrols.com or by phone at 610-325-4600.


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About Eastern Controls:

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