EDGEMONT, PA – Our principal, MSA, unveiled the HF Ultima X Monitor transmitters and replacement sensors on July 25th. This comes after MSA suspended its offer of new Ultima X Monitor’s configured to monitor HF last year.

The gas code 26 (HF 0-10 ppm) for new Ultima X Monitors, as well as replacement sensors, will be available for order immediately. All new orders will include a 1-year warranty on the sensor.

The announcement intended for Ultima X Series Gas Monitor users comes with a new recommended calibration procedure for Ultima X Monitor transmitters and replacement sensors calibrated to monitor Hydrofluoric Acid (HF). In an effort to optimize performance with the electrochemical sensor, MSA’s applications testing shows that Hydrogen Chloride (HCI) is a better calibration stimulant in areas with high relative humidity than Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).

As a result of this, the following equipment and instrument settings can be used to calibrate the all-new HF Ultima X Monitor transmitters and replacement sensors:

Calibration Kit: Calibration Gas:


Span Value:


Replacement cylinder

A-CAL-54-F-10053747-00-0-0000010 ppm HCI

1.5 liters per minute

9 ppm




If you have any questions regarding the new HF transmitters and sensors or the new recommended calibration procedure, please contact our Product Champion, Lou Buoscio, via email at lou.buoscio@easterncontrols.com or by phone at 610-325-4600. 

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