EDGEMONT, PA – Eastern Controls, Inc., the Mid-Atlantic’s premier manufacturer’s representative, distributor, and service provider of process measurement and control equipment, today announced Fluenta as the organization’s newest Principal.

Headquartered in Haugesund, Norway, Fluenta is the global leader in the use of ultrasonic sensing technology for the measurement of flare gas, with more than 75% of the offshore market. With more than 30 years of experience in flare gas measurement, Fluenta is a trusted source within the most challenging environments.

Fluenta’s products and services serve the oil & gas, chemical, and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industries. Using the latest ultrasonic sensing technology, Fluenta is extending its monitoring and measurement capabilities to chemicals, security, and medical markets. Unlike other measurement solutions, Fluenta’s flare gas measurement products allow the ability to easily deploy measurement devices within small sites and plants. Examples of Fluenta’s product line include the brand new UFM2100 Flare Gas Meter, and the 160 Flare Gas Meter.

To learn more about Fluenta’s products and services, please email us and a representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours or call us at 610-325-4600.

Eastern Controls, Inc. has been the Mid-Atlantic’s premier manufacturers’ representative, distributor, and service provider of process measurement and control equipment since 1969. Our expertise covers all primary process variable measurements including flow, pressure, level, temperature and liquid analytical as well as gas detection, control valve, and isolation valve applications.

Union Tech (uniontechmfg.com is one of the premier manufacturers of severe-service metal-seated ball valves (MSBV), rising-stem ball valves (RSBV), and valve components.  Union Tech is headquartered in Houston, TX with manufacturing and distribution facilities located worldwide.


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