EDGEMONT, PA- Eastern Controls is proud to announce the debut of their new Flow Calibration Laboratory, housed on-premise at their Edgemont, PA headquarters.

The lab allows for calibration of any brand of flow measurement instrumentation. This addition boosts ECI’s position as a metrology/calibration expert building on to their existing holistic engineering solutions services.

The flow calibration lab is the most accurate on the East Coast, supporting flowmeter sizes ¼” to 4” and a flow rate capacity of 110 to 286,600 lb./hr. The standard medium used for calibration is water.

Calibration work performed in the lab are fully traceable from Systems International through NIST and is in accordance with ISO 17025. The overall calibration uncertainty for mass flowmeters is +0.08% and +0.15% for volumetric flow.

Eastern Controls has expanded its service offering in tandem with the new flow calibration lab to include 3 tiers of calibration services: On-Site, In-Lab, and VIP White Glove Service.

With the in-depth application, metrology and measurement expertise, certified operators, and traceable documentation, this new offering can maximize potential scope without compromising safety or compliance. The In-Lab capabilities will offer flexibility and the potential to calibrate larger flowmeters that are unable to be serviced on-site. The combination of On-Site and In-Lab capabilities enables a larger turnaround scope in a shorter period. Additional In-Lab service offerings also include Gas Detection Sensor calibration, Flow Studies, and Raman Spectroscopy modeling and verification.

The VIP White Glove Service provides customers the “velvet glove treatment” for their most critical meters. With a 24-hour turnaround time, including pick up and drop off via courier, secure packaging, and insured chain of custody, the risk of transportation loss and damage are avoided.

For more information or to schedule calibration services, please visit:  Eastern Controls, Inc. Flow Calibration Center  or please contact: Bob Pizzo, Service Operations Manager, service@easterncontrols.com

About Eastern Controls, Inc.:

Since 1969, Eastern Controls has been the Mid-Atlantic’s premier manufacturers’ representative, distributor, and service provider of process measurement and control equipment. Our expertise covers all primary process variable measurements, including flow, pressure, level, temperature, and liquid analytical as well as gas detection, control valve, and isolation valve applications.

The foundation of our success is our dedication to customer service, extensive product offerings, and outstanding sales, technical, and application support.

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