Who is PBM?

Founded in 1899, PBM, Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications. PBM combines specific application requirements with innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes.

What is the Sanitary Igenix® Block & Bleed Valve?

One of PBM’s valves, the Sanitary Igenix® Block & Bleed Valve, is specifically designed for Pharmaceutical and Biotech applications. This valve fixes the problem of common instrument isolation valves retaining pressure at the instrument even when the isolation valve is off by preventing pressure build-up near the instrument. Once the instrument is de-energized, it allows the operator to safely disconnect the instrument.

The Igenix® Block & Bleed Valve features an Adjust-O-Seal® design that safely allows for process isolation and instrument bleed. The valve is ideal for pure process applications where dead space within the valve needs to be minimized.


  • Allows instruments to be removed for calibration or replacement without shutting down the main process lines
  • Ability to isolate, bleed off pressure, and safely remove instruments on continuous service (i.e. clean steam lines)

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Evan Ludwig, Communications Specialist