Who is Meriam?

Founded in 1911, Meriam Process Technologies is recognized as a leading supplier of instrumentation and test & calibration equipment. Utilizing the latest advances in technology and design assists Meriam in delivering exceptional performance for consumers. Meriam’s products and services are found in various industries such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Medical/Life Science.

What is the PIT5000?

Meriam’s PIT5000 Pipeline Integrity Tester is the premier instrument for conducting and documenting pipeline hydrostatic pressure tests. This device replaces bulky and fragile dead weight pressure testers, pressure chart recorders, and temperature chart recorders with a rugged all-in-one solution. The durable composite case has built-in wheels, a collapsible case, water resistance, and a pneumatic lift arm to prevent accidental closure.

The PIT5000 incorporates Meriam’s NIST-traceable pressure and temperature measurement technology with the patented* system to provide reliable, automated data collection and storage of the following:

  • Pipe pressure
  • Pipe and ambient temperatures
  • Total pump stroke count and volume calculation

During the testing process, the PIT5000 provides you with the following visual assistance:

  • Real-time pressure and temperature plotting
  • Real-time stroke vs. pressure plotting
  • Real-time, configurable, alarm indicators

How Can This Product Help Me?

The PIT5000 offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces set-up and tear-down time
  • Eliminates tedious, error-prone manual data collection
  • Real-time graph allows you to view the collected data during the entire process
  • Test reports are automatically generated in two convenient formats: PDF & XLSX

*Patents: USA 8,935,106 CAN 2,756,486

Learn more

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