Who is O’Brien?

For over 50 years, O’Brien has been supplying the petrochemical, refining, pulp & paper, and power industries with quality products based on the applications of their heat transfer expertise. Their internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system and reputation provide the strongest assurance of quality.

What are VIPAK® Full Enclosures?

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for winter’s harsh weather patterns, especially when it comes to process instruments. O’Brien’s VIPAK enclosure system winterizes process instruments and protects them from corrosion, chemical attack, freezing and harsh weather, and mechanical abuse.

A full range of enclosure sizes (A Series – C Series) is available to accommodate single and multiple instrument requirements. Enclosures can be combined with a wide selection of heavy-duty mounts, brackets, and heaters to create customized packages that suit any application.

A Series – Accessible from every angle

  • Ideal for pressure, differential pressure, and case type instruments in combination with manifolds, air sets, and purge meters
  • Top-hinged for easy access to process instruments from the front, top, or either side
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Standard lid-support bracket keeps the lid open
  • Common options include mounting kits, heaters, and factory-installed tempered glass windows

B Series – Front-door access

  • Ideal for case type recorders, indicators, controllers, and sample handling or conditioning systems
  • Front door allows easy access to equipment
  • Available in 22 different sizes
  • Common options include mounting kits, rear access panels, surface plates, heaters, and factory-installed tempered glass windows

C Series – Maximum access

  • Ideal for pressure, differential pressure, and other transmitters combined with manifolds, air sets, purge meters, and output gages
  • Easy-open, tilt-back lid allows access from all sides
  • Available in 25 different sizes
  • Common options include lift access package, parting plates, mounting kits, heater, and (W3) windows

Easy to Install

Process instrumentation fastens directly to O’Brien mounting kits and process connections line up with factory mounted parting plates for a quick and easy installation.

Learn More

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