Who is Quadax Valves Inc.?

Quadax Valves Inc., based in Bristol, PA, is a subsidiary of Co-Ax Valves Inc. and is a part of the müller co-ax ag group (world-renowned valve manufacturer). For over 55 years, müller co-ax ag has been an innovative leader in the unique design and manufacture of valve technology for businesses worldwide. In 2009, the müller co-ax group extended their product range with the quadax® butterfly valve series.

The quadax® valve serves a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Power, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Nuclear, etc.

Triple Offset vs. Quadruple Offset Butterfly Valves

With the new valve series, quadax® is expanding the range of products of valves, especially with larger sizes. With the quadruple (four offset) design and a new manufacturing technology, quadax® meets the highest tightness requirements, even under extreme temperature conditions, ranging -450◦F to +1,500◦F.

Triple offset butterfly valves are widely used within the industry, with definite advantages over rubber lined and double offset valves.

  • Offset 1: The valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the valve seat
  • Offset 2: The valve shaft is offset from the centerline of the pipe.
  • Offset 3: The disc seal shape is manufactured to the shape of a slice from a round cone whose axis is offset from the centerline of the pipe. The shape of the slice is an eclipse.

Quadax® utilizes a patented seal design that results in a sealing surface that is round. The benefits of a round seal are many, providing significant advantages over triple offset valves.

  • Offset 4: The cone shape is stretched to an ellipse. The disc seal made to the shape of a slice from this elliptical cone results in a perfectly round seal.


  • Friction Free – The sealing element does not touch the body seat until it’s completely sealed
  • Higher Cv – Because the pipeline and seat area flow path is round, there are no flow restrictions like those seen in triple offset valves
  • Low Torque – Since the fourth offset design

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