What is Saunders®?

Founded in 1933 after P K Saunders invented the original diaphragm valve in 1928, Saunders® has been an industry leader in providing solutions where resistance to corrosion, abrasion, contamination, and trouble-free operation are imperative. With Saunders® simplicity in design and many years of innovation, Saunders® diaphragm valve technology can handle a wider range of fluids than any other valve type.

Saunders® range of product offerings includes a complete line of manual and linear actuated diaphragm valves, both weir and straight through type, aseptic diaphragm valves and blocks solutions, non-return check valves, and ball valves. Product selection tools for the Biopharma industry are also offered.

Saunders® M-VUE

The Saunders® M-VUE is an intelligent valve sensor designed specifically for aseptic diaphragm valve applications in the Life Science industry. Saunders® M-VUE has been engineered to compensate for the behavior of diaphragm valves under multiple processing conditions including process, CIP, SIP, and varying operating air supply.


  • Accurate Operation – using continuous sensing technology via solid state hall effect sensors, providing accuracy of 0.3 millimeters. Continuous sensing technology eliminates false alarms by detecting the exact status of the valve
  • Self-Calibration – by setting the open and closed position of the valve. Using this feature, a valve position can be calibrated by one person in three minutes, either at the valve (using magnetic key) or remotely via an industrial network (without the need to open the switch enclosure).
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – by applying factory or user-defined device settings to monitor valve cycle count and endpoint tolerance limits, preventing false alarms and unnecessary diaphragm replacement.

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