Who is PBM?

Founded in 1899, PBM, Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications. PBM combines specific application requirements with innovative engineering and efficient manufacturing processes to offer the convenience of standard features with the option of customizing for a specific process. The ability to provide clean-in-place/steam-in-place capabilities without process interruption is just one of PBM’s many innovations that help reduce processing costs and improve efficiency for customers.

What is the Spray Ball Valve?

PBM’s Spray Ball Valves are specifically designed to clean inside tanks and other vessels without the spray nozzle being exposed to the inside of the vessel. This helps minimize the potential for clogging or damage caused by the process, or by scraping the inside of the tank walls during cleaning or processing.


  • Valve mounts flush with the inside vessel wall, minimizing dead space
  • The valve can be located anywhere on the vessel to accommodate specific needs
  • Many standard nozzles can be used in the Angle Stem Spray Ball Valve
  • Easily usable while still maintaining a vacuum

Learn More

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