IO-Link technology is a fieldbus independent communication interface for sensors and actuators. This technology was created to overcome the bottleneck of the binary standard interface and make additional functions centrally accessible for the automation system. IO-Link is based on a point-to-point connection between the sensor/actuator and an interface module. Up to now, the binary connection was only designed for transferring switching information, but IO-Link now allows two bytes to be transferred normally in a 2 ms cycle via a combined switching status and data channel. IO-Link products include Block I/Os and Modular I/Os.


Efficient Processes:

  • Exhaustive parameterization options for just-in-time parameter changes to devices
  • Efficient processes requiring different parameter sets for switching thresholds, gain, sensitivity and so forth due to differing production conditions
  • Faster tool change operations

IO-Link Reduces Machine Costs:

  • Reduced inventory due to intelligent multi-purpose devices
  • Only one I/O module and one inexpensive standard cable required
  • Reduced I/O footprint
  • Displays and switches no longer required on devices
  • Reduced engineering and assembly costs and automatic documentation of device parameters during the engineering phase

Improved Machine Availability:

  • Comprehensive status information and diagnostic capabilities in the plant lead to drastically reduced machine downtime
  • Enhanced information enables cost-saving mechanisms such as predictive maintenance or asset management to be easily implemented
  • Device replacement without manual intervention to parameterize the new unit alleviates the need for qualified personnel


TURCK, a global leader in industrial automation technology, offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation applications across a wide range of industries. TURCK’s products and automation solutions increase the availability and efficiency of your systems.

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Manufacturer: Turck, Inc.
Device: IO-Link

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