SpectraSensor’s SS1000 Portable Moisture Analyzer is a lightweight, easy-to-handle, battery-powered H2O analyzer, used to verify measurements and for spot-checking when other methods provide questionable results. Poor quality measurement results are extremely costly, especially in natural gas pipeline applications. The SS1000 reveals poorly performing sensors, pinpoints high moisture and can be used as a standard for measurement validation.


Rapid Response Time:

  • Allows for fast, simple operation. The analyzer’s laser and detector take measurements 4 times per second and average the results. These real-time measurements are not hampered by wet-up (absorption) or dry-down (desorption) as with surfaced-based sensors


  • Greater repeatability than surface-based sensors
  • Not subject to interpretation errors of a chilled mirror

No Interference:

  • The SS1000 combines a patented laser with control electronics and “smart” software
  • Since the sensor is isolated from the sample gas stream, the analyzer’s sensor heads are not subjected to corrosives or contaminants in the gas

Cost Savings:

  • The SS1000 eliminates the cost of consumables, extra sensor heads, factory calibrations, labor, and overhead associated with excessive maintenance.

About SpectraSensors

SpectraSensors, Inc. is a leading global provider of laser-based on-line field analytical instrumentation for process control and monitoring applications. SpectraSensors was formed in 1999 as a technology spin-off of NASA-Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In 2012, SpectraSensors was acquired by Endress+Hauser and now reports directly to Endress+Hauser Corporate offices in Switzerland. SpectraSensors products are specifically designed to improve process efficiency, throughput, and safety for natural gas production, transport, storage, distribution, gas processing, refining, petrochemical, specialty gas production, and atmospheric monitoring for weather prediction.

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Manufacturer: SpectraSensors, Inc.
Device: SS1000 Portable Moisture Analyzer

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