What is the SteamForm™ Steam Conditioning Valve?

The Masoneilan SteamForm™ valve is a reliable steam conditioning valve for high temperature, high pressure drop, and erosive steam applications within power plant and process industry applications. Combining more than 125 years of pressure control expertise with the latest in desuperheating technology, this valve offers a highly efficient steam conditioning solution.

The SteamForm’s versatility provides ample support across a wide range of applications requiring both pressure and temperature reduction such as turbine bypass systems, process steam conditioning, and boiler extraction to process.


  • Robust Pressure Boundary – the SteamForm’s pressure boundary design practices are developed with an emphasis on thermal and pressure stresses, creep analysis, and external pipe loading
  • Versatile Application Design – Masoneilan SteamForm is treated as a customized product optimized for each application according to customer specifications and plant piping, ensuring high reliability and performance.
  • Trouble-Free Operation – the SteamForm’s thermal compensated trim design allows for trim expansion, thus supporting long life and trouble-free operation.


  • Plant Efficiency – Designed with hard-faced seats and secondary leak paths, the SteamForm ensures long-term shut-off integrity, enhancing plant efficiency
  • Hung-Cage Design – This design is unique to Masoneilan and allows free expansion of the trim during thermal transience while maintaining excellent guiding of the control trim. (See Gif to the right)
The SteamForm's hung-caged design is a unique feature within the industry - no other manufacturer uses this design.
  • Advanced Desuperheating – Masoneilan’s Flow Profiler and spring-loaded spray nozzles enhance the SteamForm’s desuperheaters to maximize the water absorption into the steam. This permits users to reduce straight pipe, reducing the system level cost.

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