What is the REXA Xpac Series 3?

Recent electronic advancements are continuing to improve the measurement and data analysis capabilities within a process. However, the actual control of a process still requires movement of a mechanical device. This is where REXA’s state-of-the-art technology comes in!

The REXA Xpac Series 3 Electraulic™ Actuator is a superior positioning device well suited for critical control applications. This innovative technology allows process and production engineers to accelerate actuator setup, improve process monitoring, and wirelessly capture actuator system data. Its design ensures severe process conditions are kept in control and reliable, even in harsh environments.

REXA’s Electraulic™ Actuators and Drives provide the final control element capabilities to match the most complex instrumentation and distributed control systems. They are the critical link between the plant control system and the actuated valve, damper, or gate.

What Makes the Xpac “State-of-the-Art”?

The Xpac Series 3 marks a huge advancement in actuator performance, ease-of-use, and system data collection, consisting of both the mechanical and electrical subassemblies.

The mechanical subassembly is comprised of a double acting hydraulic cylinder, position feedback sensor, and an Electaulic™ Power Module. The power module is a unique, self-contained, sealed hydraulic pumping system which manages oil pressure and flow to and from the cylinder.

The electrical subassembly consists of the power supplies, motor drives, and a dedicated microprocessor. The combination of these mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic technologies is what gives the Xpac its state-of-the-art technology.

So How Does It Work?

The actuator’s physical position is identified via a feedback potentiometer (or magnetic transducer) directly connected to the actuator shaft. The feedback signal is continuously monitored and compared to the incoming control signal. If the CPU detects a deviation outside the user-configured deadband, the motor is activated to move the actuator into position.

Once the target position is reached, the pump shuts off, the FMVs close, and the system waits for the next signal change. This greatly reduces overall power consumption and fluid volume since the user would no longer need to continuously run motors/pumps and large fluid reservoirs.

Features & Benefits

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Event/Alarm Time & Date Stamp
  • Advanced Control Algorithm (Zero Overshoot)
  • Automatic System Configuration (Identifies connected accessory components)
  • PC-Based Graphical User Interface
  • Partial Stroke Testing
  • Push Button Calibration
  • Data Recording
  • Torque/Thrust Monitoring
  • Hazardous Area Approvals – CSA, ATEX, IEC

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Manufacturer: REXA
Device: Xpac Series 3 Electraulic™ Actuator

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