Who’s Turck?

Eastern Controls’ manufacturing partner, Turck, is a global leader in delivering sensor, connectivity, and fieldbus technology to a variety of industries. Their products and automation solutions increase the availability and efficiency of your systems in a variety of industries. Turck’s highly trained engineering staff, coupled with Eastern Controls’ dedicated application specialists and service team, strive to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

What’s a Field Logic Controller?

Since the 1960s, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have been the device of choice for automating and controlling machine operations. In recent years, however, engineers have begun questioning the need to invest in a PLC. The devices can be expensive, require dedicated software, and often lead to additional panel and wiring expenses.

Demonstrating their commitment to flexible, custom solutions, Turck has developed the innovative technology for control – the field logic controller (FLC). The FLC is a new category of control bringing logic programming to the device level. It’s the equivalent to what cell phones were to landlines – a transformation in flexibility, control and potential. This FLC solution is made possible by ARGEE (A Really Great Engineering Environments), a revolutionary web-based programming environment which allows users to set conditions and actions directly at the field level.

By utilizing HTML5, Turck provides a complete engineering environment for users to write, run, simulate, debug, and monitor code – all without requiring the use of a PLC!

Advantages of a Field Logic Controller

FLC technology provides users with a multitude of benefits including:

Added Value at Zero Cost

The ARGEE programming environment is provided to users for free with the block I/O modules TBEN-L, TBEN-S, BL compact and FEN20 – allowing you to push the limits of control!


Turck’s block I/O modules are suited for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) scenarios thanks to the extra control intelligence of ARGEE.

Easy PLC Connection

In addition to decentralized logic processing, ARGEE can exchange and process data with higher-level control systems via PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™, or Modbus TCP – allowing an FLC to be used for decentralized signal preprocessing.


Eastern Controls’ product experts and application specialists are highly-trained on Turck’s products and solutions. For more information on Turck’s FLC solutions, contact ECI today at sales@easterncontrols.com or at 610-325-4600.

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Manufacturer: Turck
Device: Field Logic Controller (FLC)

As the Mid-Atlantic representative for Turck, Eastern Controls has the necessary training and experience to effectively demonstrate this device and answer questions you may have about its operation. For more information about this product, the manufacturer, and/or other products offered by the manufacturer that may benefit your process operations, please contact our sales group.