For well over a century, Masoneilan has been a leader in innovation, technology, and responsiveness to market needs. With its breadth of products and services, Masoneilan is uniquely positioned to be the leading provider of control valve solutions. Their control valve product line covers a wide range of different applications within various industries.

What is the LincolnLog™?

Masoneilan’s 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog Anti Cavitation valve offers long-term reliability in high-pressure, liquid-letdown, anti-cavitation control valve applications. It boasts an enhanced multi-stage and axial flow-trim technology incorporated into a rugged valve design.

How it Works

The axial flow LincolnLog design utilizes a tortuous path to distribute pressure drop along the axis of the plug. The axial stages throttle in unison as the plug strokes, maintaining staging ratios at all lift points. Velocity and pressure drop are controlled, thus eliminating cavitation and the resulting trim damage. The LincolnLog is highly effective in pump recirculation and high-pressure liquid-letdown applications, including those found in Hydrotreater processes.

How This Benefits You

The LincolnLog™ provides a multitude of benefits, including:

  • A protected soft seat offers long-term, reliable class VI shutoff capabilities, preventing loss of product
  • Trim overlap protects the valve’s seating area from high-velocity flow, maintaining shutoff and preventing loss of product, which in turn boosts revenue
  • High-performance actuation provides trim stability and control reliability, which enables repeatable process control
  • Its multi-stage trim eliminates cavitation, offering a longer installed trim life

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Manufacturer: BHGE Masoneilan
Device: Masoneilan 78400/18400 Series LincolnLog™ Anti Cavitation Valve

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