AUMA Linear Actuators

AUMA has been developing and building reliable electric actuators and valve gearboxes for over 50 years and has become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. AUMA covers a wide variety of industries and applications including water treatment plants, pipelines, steel mills, nuclear power plants, fossil power plants (coal, gas, oil), and more.

Combinations with Linear Thrust Units

To perform linear movements, such as in globe valves, AUMA’s multi-turn actuator SA can be combined with the linear thrust unit LE, forming an electric linear actuator. The linear thrust movement can be mounted on a base in case a lever arrangement is needed.

Design Features

  • Thrusts from 4 kN to 217 kN
  • Strokes from 50 mm up to 500 mm
  • Speeds from 20 mm/min to 360 mm/min
  • Handwheel for manual operation

Ambient Conditions

  • High enclosure protection
  • High-quality corrosion protection
  • Wide ambient temperature ranges

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Manufacturer: AUMA
Device: AUMA Linear Actuator

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