Who is Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc?

Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc., founded in 1979, is a world leader in spectrographic instrumentation and holographic technology. Kaiser Optical was acquired by the Endress+Hauser Group in 2013 and operates as an independent division focused on advanced optical instrumentation based on Raman spectroscopy. Principal products include Raman instrumentation and advanced holographic components for spectroscopy, astronomy, and ultra-fast sciences. Kaiser’s first Raman analyzer, the HoloProbe, was released in 1993 and set the standard for compact fiber-coupled Raman instruments.

What is the Raman RXn2™ Hybrid Analyzer?

The Kaiser RamanRXn2™ Hybrid analyzer provides the capability of several different Raman analyzers in a single system.  Among the latest advanced Raman analyzers from Kaiser the Raman spectrum contains features that are ideal for fast qualitative and robust quantitative analyses and features hybrid (micron and mm) probe capability, high resolution, as well as transportability.  Versatility is key.  The RamanRXn2™ Hybrid analyzer can be coupled with and MR Probe or the PhAT Probe for non-contact or direct insertion sampling.

System Benefits

  • Suitable for direct immersion and non-contact sampling
  • Can provide real-time feedback on process conditions/quality
  • Able to provide measurements of a process on micro- and macro-scale

Industries Served

  • Process analytics
  • Chemical
  • Polymer
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech

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Manufacturer: Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
Device: RamanRXn2™ Hybrid Analyzer

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