Masoneilan Camflex GR

BHGE’s Masoneilan Camflex valve technology was first introduced in 1968 and now has over 1.2 million units installed worldwide in refineries, petrochemical, and chemical Plants. They are excited to announce the newly designed Camflex GR in the common Globe Reciprocating valve configuration. This valve is truly a game changer for companies looking to enhance their productivity while reducing fugitive emissions and maintenance costs.

What is Camflex GR?

The Camflex GR is a rotary valve that can replace the reciprocating globe valves used in oil and gas, hydrocarbon processing, refining, chemical processing, and more. Its face-to-face dimension matches that of sliding-stem reciprocating globe valves, so it can easily take their place along pipelines and in other piping systems without requiring a spool piece.

The Camflex GR is the second valve in Masoneilan’s Camflex line. It was built according to the same principles as the original Camflex, which came out in 1968 and has been recognized as the best performing and easiest to maintain control valve on the market. The GR features design innovations including enclosed linkages and Emissions Free seal technology.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • Standard low emission packing in compliance with ISO-15848 & ANSI/FCI 91-1
  • 50% fewer parts, 50% fewer potential leak paths, 50% lighter than a typical reciprocating globe control valve
  • Higher turndown, 100:1 turndown as compared to reciprocating globe valve with 50:1
  • Multiple CV’s available for optimum control range where only a seat ring change-ou is required
  • Unique seating design offers standard ANSI/FCI 70-2 leakage class IV & V with metal-to-metal sealing components
  • Standard extended bonnet allows the use of low friction TFE packing over the full operating range
  • Camflex GR is available from Setpoint Integrated Solutions through the ValvFast program, meaning kits are in-stock and can be configured to meet your application needs in as little as 24-hours
  • Camflex trim is designed so that only the seat ring changes for different Cv requirements.
  • Combined with a simpler design with less packing and no gaskets, this means few parts to stock and manage, resulting in huge cost savings

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Manufacturer: Masoneilan
Device: Masoneilan Camflex Globe Replacement Model

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