Endress+Hauser has developed the world’s first electromagnetic flowmeter free from measuring tube restrictions. The Proline Promag W 300/400/500 with the “0 x DN full bore” option is ideal for close-knit pipeline networks or where there are obstacles in pipes. This is the also first flowmeter of its kind that delivers maximum measuring performance without pressure loss typically caused by tube restrictions.

The Proline Promag W is a versatile flowmeter, ideal for the water/wastewater industry due to the broad functionality of its transmitter by saving time and money. It has international approvals for custody transfer as well as drinking water and serves a variety of applications.

Redefining Flow Measurement

The Proline Promag W electromagnetic flowmeter has no inlet and outlet runs (0 x DN) and no pipe restrictions (full-bore design) eliminating pressure loss that is typically seen in other flowmeters. Its compact design also allows for installation directly after bends, T-fittings, or insertion devices, making it ideal for tight or space-restricted areas and to be included on skids.

The sensors in the Promag W are based on Endress+Hauser’s tried and tested sensor technology, installed successfully in over two million applications since 1977. Equipped with multiple electrodes to measure the process flow, with significantly higher data density and innovative signal analysis ensuring stable measured values and accuracy of ±0.5% after any obstruction (see below).

Like many of Endress+Hauser’s other measuring devices, the Promag W is equipped with compliant, traceable testing with Heartbeat Verification™. With Heartbeat Verification™ your entire signal chain is covered from the sensor to outputs and saves you time and money with no process interruption. This technology also creates an electronic document for quality, traceable reporting.

Application Versatility

This flowmeter is making industry professionals re-think how facilities are designed or upgraded. While in the water/wastewater and industrial applications, accuracy is crucial, several other applications are ranging across industries:

  • Water/Wastewater: Inlet/Outlet primary treatment; biological treatment; pumping station; inlet/outlet reservoir and storage; district metering
  • Food & Beverage: Process Water and utility feedwater production and treatment; cooling water management
  • Life Sciences: Purified water system inlet/outlet; aerobic wastewater treatment
  • Oil & Gas: Cooling water management; Separator outlet
  • Power & Energy: Boiler feedwater measurement; water intake; cooling water management
  • Skid Building: Any field application

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Learn more about the Endress+Hauser Proline Promag W 300/400/500 with “0 x DN full bore” by contacting your Eastern Controls representative or by downloading the technical specs here! You can also contact Eastern Controls here to request a demo or more information.

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Manufacturer: Endress+Hauser
Device: E+H Proline Promag 300/400/500 Series

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