Who is DeZURIK?

When Matt DeZurik invented the Eccentric Plug Valve in 1928, he wanted to solve an operational problem at a paper mill in Sartell, Minnesota. Over 90 years later, Matt DeZurik’s ability to understand the challenge at hand, then build a custom solution to alleviate it has never gone out of style at DeZURIK.

DeZURIK designs and manufactures over 60 valve styles and is known for Knife Gate Valves, High-Performance Butterfly Valves, AWWA Butterfly Valves, V-Port Ball Valves, and Rotary Control Valves.

What is a Knife Gate Valve (KGV)?

Knife Gate Valves (KGVs) are made of stainless steel and used for isolation or on/off purposes for some of the toughest applications you can think of: corrosive or abrasive substances (like certain types of chemicals), slurries, or dry material (like grain). They can also take the pressure: up to 150 psi CWP as standard.

Are KGVs One Size Fits All?

DeZURIK is known for its wide range of options and its ability to customize valve solutions to fit specific needs plants may have. They offer four distinct KGV body styles, so hold on to your hard hats:

  1. Extended Service (ES)- this option was designed for improved sealing, extended packing life, and reducing maintenance.

          Typically found in Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Steel, Food Processing industries.

  1. Bi- Directional (BD)- these valves provide a bubble-tight shutoff in either direction, even on dead-end service, via a patented perimeter seat design. No buckling or dislodgement during operation here!

    Typically found in
     Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Mining, Power, and Wastewater industries.
  2. Metal Cutting (MC)- a serrated seat ring, hardened gate, and oversized guides combine powers to provide the shearing capability to cut, crush, and clear wires, staples, and glass.

          Typically found in Pulp and Paper, Recycle and Rejects Cyclone applications.

  1. Maximum Duty (MD)- these valves are designed to withstand highly abrasive media. They come with a replaceable hardened seat, hardened gate, full 100% port opening, a high-performance packing system with wire scraper rings, and heavy-duty superstructure.

    Typically found in: Pulp and Paper, Mining, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Steel and Food Processing industries.

Want to Learn More?

Check out Knife Gate Valves and just about any other kind of valve your application may need in the DeZURIK Valve Solutions Guide and contact your Eastern Controls representative. You can also contact Eastern Controls here to request a demo or more information.

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