Built on Field Proven Technology

For more than 20 years, Baker Hughes Masoneilan™ has been proving the success of their valve positioners for pneumatic control valves. This third-generation SVI™ utilizes advanced control and diagnostic algorithms along with the field-proven, non-contact position sensing technology enabling accurate, responsive, and reliable positioning performance.

What Makes the SVI3 Different?

Designed to be the most user-friendly digital valve positioner helping to increase plant efficiency with simple and easy-to-use capabilities.

  • “Smart Cal” – single-button setup and calibration competencies for simple commissioning
  • Local user interface providing full configuration capabilities with high contrast graphical display and pushbuttons
  • Universal design for linear and rotary valve applications with robust, industrial, explosion-proof housing for all environments
  • Intelligent troubleshooting and integrated diagnostics: cycle counts, step and ramp tests, valve signatures, and system health indicators
  • The two-stage pneumatic system maintains larger flow capacities for filling/venting and protection against contaminants
  • Delivers a 40% reduction in steady-state air consumption and a 15% increase in air delivery, reducing operating costs and maintaining best-in-class control performance

Online and Offline Valve Diagnostics Capabilities

The SVI3 has digital capabilities you can tap into with Masoneilan’s ValVue software and Device Type Manager (DTM) including:

  • Full positioner setup and configuration with advanced graphics and features
  • Set up trends and assess faults
  • Navigate continuous positioner diagnostics

Their online valve health diagnostics is a new feature that provides ongoing trends of key performance indicators (KPIs) without interrupting process control. These diagnostics can be stored right inside the SVI3 for up to one full year and when analyzed by the ValVue software, can indicate when service is required, leading to increased plant uptime and helping to avoid critical valve failures.

Eastern Controls Has Full Stock of SVI3 Positioners

With the release of the SVI3, Eastern Controls invested in holding stock of this equipment, among the other positioners in our inventory. Contact Eastern Controls here today or at 610-325-4600, for any of your valve positioning needs, our professionally trained team of specialists can assist you with any questions you may have.

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Manufacturer: Baker Hughes Masoneilan
Device: SVI3 Digital Valve Positioner

As the Mid-Atlantic representative for Masoneilan, Eastern Controls has the necessary training and experience to effectively demonstrate this device and answer questions you may have about its operation. For more information about this product, the manufacturer, and/or other products offered by the manufacturer that may benefit your process operations, please contact our sales group.

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