What is Self-Regulating Heating Cable?

The nVent RAYCHEM HTV self-regulating heating cable is an ideal solution for many piping and vessel freeze protection applications and a regulatory measure for process control regardless of the environment.


The HTV heating cable is designed using Raychem’s proven self-regulating technology and is equipped with an internal temperature sensor. The cable is constructed with durable material, integrating a robust metallic braid and a chemically resistant fluoropolymer outer jacket, with high-power retention (HPR) heating core and pressure-extruded electrical insulation.

This cable is self-regulating, meaning it can automatically adjust its power output with changes in surrounding temperature and/or based on the needs of the process. The system only operates when necessary, ultimately reducing energy costs and creating a more energy-efficient process that can help prolong the life of the cabling system.

Features at a Glance

  • High power retention (HPR) heating core
  • Power retention: At least 95% after 10 years
  • Design life: 30 years or more depending on the application.
  • Simplified design in hazardous areas: T3 and T2
  • Longer circuit lengths due to larger cross-section conductors
  • Fast installation: cut-to-length, multiple overlaps allowed, meter markings, user-friendly connection kits.
  • Safe and efficient operation: no overheating, uniform pipe temperatures, and energy-saving technology.
  • Reliable during long life: 10-year product warranty available, maintenance-free

Areas of Application

While the HTV Self-Regulating heating cable is an ideal solution for many piping and vessel freeze protection applications because of its durability and performance. The cable’s durable material and construction make it ideal for industrial and commercial applications where many solvents and chemicals are common. There are many other applications where it is a great fit; It is also a brilliant solution for applications that require the product to remain at a constant temperature as it flows through the process or skid.

The HTV cable is easy to install and can be used in wet and dry areas. It is UL-listed and has a 10-year warranty. Additionally, the cable is available in various sizes, wattages, and lengths to accommodate any application.

Eastern Controls Thermal Division can assist in specifying heat trace cabling for any needs you may have. Additionally, Eastern Controls holds stock of nVent RAYCHEM heat trace cabling, controllers, and components to fit all your needs in a fraction of the time of other distributors. Reach out today to learn more!

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Manufacturer: nVent Thermal Management
Device: RACYHEM HTV Self-Regulating Cable

As the Mid-Atlantic representative for nVent RAYCHEM, Eastern Controls has the necessary training and experience to effectively demonstrate this device and answer questions you may have about its operation. For more information about this product, the manufacturer, and/or other products offered by the manufacturer that may benefit your process operations, please contact our sales group.

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