Who is SICK?

SICK is one of the world’s leading solutions providers for sensor-based applications that are ready for the challenges of the future. These intelligent sensors can collect data, evaluate it in real time, adapt to their environment, and communicate in the network. With SICK’s “Sensor Intelligence“, they are making Industry 4.0 a reality – and they are doing it today.


The SICK FLOWSIC600 ultrasonic gas flowmeter is revolutionizing gas flow measurements for custody transfer and process applications. Its advanced signal processing, non-intrusive design, and wide range of applications make it a preferred choice for the gas industry. The FLOWSIC600 is versatile and can be utilized in various fields of applications, including:

  • Custody transfer applications (natural gas, N2, O2, air, ethylene)
  • Onshore and offshore applications
  • Steam flow measurement
  • Underground gas storage facilities (bidirectional measurement possible)
  • Cryogenic gas applications down to –194 °C
  • For gas with high H2S components such as sour gas or biogas

Some of the features and benefits the FLOWSIC600 offers:

Features Benefits
Advanced Signal Processing The advanced signal processing algorithms ensure accurate measurements, even under challenging conditions like high turbulence and gas mixtures.
Non-Intrusive Design The non-intrusive design eliminates the need for physical contact with the gas stream, reducing maintenance issues, flow disturbances, and pressure drops, and ensuring long-term stability.
Versatile Application Range The Flowsic600 can handle a wide variety of gases, making it suitable for diverse industries, from production to distribution and monitoring.
Accurate Measurements The Flowsic600 offers precise flow measurements, allowing for improved process efficiency and safety. It can measure bidirectional flow, enabling accurate monitoring and control in both directions.
User-Friendly Interface The flowmeter features an intuitive interface that simplifies operation and configuration. Real-time flow data, diagnostics, and calibration options are easily accessible, enhancing user convenience.
Remote Monitoring & Integration The Flowsic600 supports remote communication and integration with SCADA systems, enabling efficient data collection, analysis, and integration into existing process automation infrastructure.

Some Key Industries

In addition to its wide range of applications, the FLOWSIC600 is particularly ideal for the natural gas and biogas industries. With its ability to handle diverse gases, including natural gas and biogas, the FLOWSIC600 offers tailored solutions for these sectors. It enables precise measurement and monitoring of natural gas flow rates, allowing for efficient distribution, enhanced safety, and accurate billing. For the biogas industry, the FLOWSIC600 facilitates the measurement and control of biogas flow, supporting efficient utilization in renewable energy production and waste management processes.

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Manufacturer: SICK Sensor Intelligence
Device: FLOWSIC600

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