Who is IMI PBM?

IMI PBM (Pittsburgh Brass Manufacturing) is a company over 100 years old that began as a non-ferrous foundry in 1899 along the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, PA. In PBM’s history, the first Flush Bottom Mounted Ball Valve and True Multi-Port Ball Valves were developed and manufactured. Today PBM is one of the leading producers of sanitary and industrial valves. This edition of our product focus will highlight their Radial Diaphragm Tank Valves.

What is a Radial Diaphragm Tank Valve?

A Radial Diaphragm Valve (RDV) is used as a tank outlet valve for aseptic applications, and PBM’s are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and tested to perform in many types of sanitary and clean steam applications. RDV’s are a precision-engineered gatekeeper for seamless fluid flow control.

PBM’s radial diaphragm valves are built to comply with ASME BPE-2016 requirements (a pipe inclined at ¼” per foot) and to be cleanable which enhances the safety and effectiveness of critical bioprocess applications.

Some Design Features that Could Benefit Your Processes:

  • Exceeds performance requirements of ASME- BPE accelerated testing
  • Smooth-sloping design for complete drainage
  • The diaphragm seal can be easily removed for quick change-out
  • Silicone diaphragm is medical-grade, platinum-cured
  • Optional purge port and tank connections are available
  • 316L weld pads stocked for immediate shipment
  • 316L, Hastelloy™ C-276, C-22, AL6XN™, Duplex, others
  • 1/2″ – 4″ (DN15 – DN100)
  • RDV Polymer: 1″ – 2″ (DN25 – DN50)
  • Standard finish 15 Ra with EP (BPE SF4)

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Manufacturer: IMI PBM
Device: Radial Diaphragm Tank Valve

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