What is Laser-Based Gas Detection? 

Laser-based gas detection is ideally intended to be a complementary safeguard to other gas and flame detection measures, especially where colorless and/or odorless gases may be present. Laser-based gas detectors are specifically designed for “open areas” and are target gas specific and can deliver uptime availability in rain and foggy conditions.  

MSA Senscient ELDS Laser-Based Open-Path Gas Detector 

MSA Safety Senscient ELDS (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy) gas detectors use laser-based technology to eliminate the need for sensor replacement, frequent manual gas checks, and accurate detection of target gases while avoiding false alarms from interfering gases. 

Combustible and toxic gases each have unique properties that make them identifiable, and the Senscient ELDS transmitter’s laser generates light at a specific absorption wavelength of the target gas. This light beam is aimed at the detector’s receiver over the open area to be monitored. The target gas within the beam distorts the light signal. The receiver analyzes the distorted light signals’ harmonics and calculates the gas concentration. The amplitude of these harmonics correlates to gas concentration. 

Due to its use of laser beam technology for gas detection, the Senscient ELDS gas detector operates without the need for manual calibration or gas checks, through SimuGas™, which is typically required for traditional gas sensors. This results in lower maintenance requirements and makes it a cost-effective and efficient option for gas detection applications.  

Best in Class False Alarm Rejection

Senscient ELDS Gas Detectors feature Harmonic Fingerprint technology, which uses multi-point verification to reduce false alarms and verify that the target gas has been detected. A real target gas sample ensures the laser is locked only on the target gas wavelength and nothing else.

Line-of-Sight Monitoring of Combustible or Toxic Gases

Many industrial facilities use Senscient ELDS detectors to detect fugitive emissions of flammable or toxic gases to safeguard their plant and personnel from gas leaks. These detectors are used in various settings, from expansive, ventilated spaces to open, outdoor areas.​

Combustible Gases Detection Range
Methane (CH4) Up to 200M (656 ft)
Ethylene (C2H4) Up to 200M (656 ft)
Sour Gas (CH4+H2S) Up to 60M (197 ft)
Toxic Gases Detection Range
Ammonia (NH3) Up to 120M (394 ft)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Up to 120M (394 ft)
Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Up to 60M (197 ft)
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Up to 60M (197 ft)

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Manufacturer: MSA Safety
Device: Senscient ELDS Open Path Gas Detector

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