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From electrical heat trace to instrument enclosures and insulation, Eastern Controls has the solutions you need to keep your process at optimal and efficient operating levels.

Electrical Heat Trace

Eastern Controls, Inc. is partnered with the leader in electrical heat trace (EHT) technology, nVent Thermal Management, and their top industrial brands, nVent RAYCHEM and nVent TRACER. Our dedicated Thermal Division can assist you with engineering, design, supply, and field service needs you may have to ensure your heat trace protocol is optimized and your process.

Eastern Controls houses the largest inventory of heat trace cabling, controllers, and accessories which amounts to about $1M, and over 45,000 ft. of nVent RAYCHEM cabling, controllers, and other components. This allows us to fulfill any needs you have faster than other suppliers in our region.

Detailed Capabilities & Services

Every aspect of an electric heat trace system must be carefully considered, including the temperature requirements of the protected fluids and the physical characteristics of the equipment.

Heat trace manufacturers publish procedures and diagrams to use as strict guidelines for installation, etc. In cases where these are unavailable, the system installation is up to the discretion and experience of the installing contractor. For these cases, it is best to call upon experts with prior experience with installation best practices.

Eastern Controls offers design and engineering services for all your heat trace needs. We specialize in industrial applications with complete engineering packages that include the heat trace design from customer-provided plans and specifications, heat trace isometric drawing packages, Heat Management System (HMS) panel schedules, and, if requested, supervised installation services.

Eastern Controls partners with various electrical and mechanical contractors in our territory for any installation needs you may have. Eastern Controls will provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services and manage the process from the initial design to the start-up and commissioning of your HMS.

For optimal HMS operation, the systems must have:

  • Dry and effective insulation on the heat-traced piping and vessels.
  • A reliable power source.
  • The ability to create heat or have resistance (Ohm’s law).
  • Ground resistance.
  • Watertight power connections and end seal kits are properly installed.

The Eastern Controls Field Services team can perform a plant walk-down to evaluate the heat trace system to identify and troubleshoot any issues. Once we determine the likely cause of any issue(s), we provide recommendations to get your HMS back online.

Stay Prepared with the Winter Maintenance Checklist

Winter Maintenance Checklist

Information & Inquiries

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